Interested in helping Pets Haven Humane Association?

There are three easy ways!


Donate Money

Every penny you donate goes toward helping the animals, keeping each one alive, healthy, and happy! You can easily make a donation from your checking account or credit card using the "Donate" button below. It takes a lot to keep Pets Haven running and animals cared for properly and every little bit helps us do this and is always greatly appreciated!



Donate Supplies

We go through a wide variety of items on a daily basis. Anything that you maybe able to assist with is always greatly appreciated and needed! Our wish list is as follows:


1. Crates and Kennels

2. Canned Dog Food (any brand)

3. Dry Dog Food (any brand)

4. Plastic or Wire Kennels

5. Blankets and Towels

6. Collars (small, medium, and large)

7. Harnesses (smal, meduim, and large)

8. Leashes


Donate Your Time

We can always use volunteers! If you have some free time and would like to get involved, please use our "Contact Us" form and let us know.