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Welcome to Pets Haven Humane Assocaition!

We are a not for profit organization. Our mission is to decrease the amount of dogs that are euthanized. We are working towards making the public more aware of affordable spay/neuter programs in their area. Our organization operates under three different phases. These phases consist of Retrieve and Rescue, Rehabilitation, and the Adoption Program. We Retrieve and Rescue dogs from Monroe, Marion, Owen and Greene County. During our Rehabilitation phase, we provide veterinary care, necessary behavioral training and a caring living environment. The Adoption Program phase, our favorite, is when we get to see these loving dogs find a forever home. We want to see as many dogs get adopted as possible, but to continue we need your help!

Latest News

Pets Haven is searching for foster guardians. Pets Haven will provide the food and veterinarian care, you just have to provide the loving and caring home. If interested, please contact us!


Pets Haven is happy to announce that there will be a Dancing Light Show where all proceeds from donations will go to Pets Haven! Go check out the show, running December 1, 2012 - January 1, 2013 from 6pm - 10pm everyday! (located at 3076 N Natasha Drive, Bloomington, IN 47404)


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